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April 2011 issue

"An excellent result for those wanting a big hearted, smooth yet punchy prospect."

David Price, editor


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Robert Turner from Norfolk UK, wrote in November 12th 2016:

“Hi Avi, I am really pleased to report that the Lunar Equilateral cable's have improved greatly

after burn-in, the improvement is not subtle.

I have done some A/B comparisons with the Naim Super Lumina interconnects I have on loan

from my local dealer. I also got a friend to blind test the two cables.

The outcome was basically quite close but on the whole your Lunar Equatorial cable's edges ahead.

The highs are more detailed and sweeter but also very natural. The whole presentation of the

Lunar is very organic and natural. Bass we found to be better controlled and defined.

Brass instruments and guitar have added timbre. Soundstage and imaging was well placed.

Live recordings put you right there in the audience.

I am delighted with these cables and to think they are a fraction of the cost of many branded

cables their performance is outstanding.

I am so pleased I gave them time to totally burn in, it was a long but worthwhile journey.

it took about 450hrs to fully burn-in but I have friends with the Super Lumina and they report

that takes about 300hrs.  Many thank once again I'm truly delighted. Best regards, Rob.”

”Ar Lunar Equilateral” - discussion on the PFM forum, Jan 2015:


John Tarry from Kent UK, wrote in December 23th   2015:

“I listened to my hifi with the new Lunars installed all yesterday evening and I am very impressed.

Your cables really do deliver. The change in the overall sound quality, timing and so on-

is remarkable. I imagine there may be more improvement as the cables burn in.

As a result of what I have heard,  I am now considering trying the Lunar Equilaterals.

However, I find it hard to believe I could squeeze even more from my current hifi,

particularly as the upgrade using the new standard Lunars has delivered so much.

I will continue to enjoy the Lunars and await your reply.”

And after ordering Lunar 4 Equilateral: “Once again many thanks for helping me to decide on

how to proceed.  I am enjoying my music so much more with the new cables.

You should feel very pleased and proud of your endeavours as your cables are better in my view

than those sold by the big name brands. Regards, John”

Evan Mclean (Nelson, New Zealand) wrote in August 6th   2013:

“I've had the lunar now for almost 2 weeks. It's exceeded my expectations to put it mildly.

I've never really been convinced that spending X amount on cables was worth it.

You've changed my mind. I can't say enough about the lunar.

The sound from my speakers is so much much more detailed, wider, fuller and totally

enveloping now. Thank you, Evan.”

“Lunar Cable- Just how good is it ?” - discussion on the PFM forum, February 2013:


Dennis Brokaw from Oregon wrote:

"NAIM gear is so well executed it faithfully rewards any improvement, coming in or going

out. While pretty much any hifi component or after-market add-on will bring about a

change you can hear--of which you're supposed to ask "is it better...or... do I prefer it?"

--the deeper question is whether or not it has brought about any fundamental

improvement. AR Sound Green 2 input interconnect does just that: it is more revealing! It

allows you to hear, for the first time, what was there all along that wasn't heard before.

And that is not just different, it is fundamentally better.

Tried with an 01 Naim tuner, it both made poor broadcast and poor source more obvious,

but it also made good broadcast and

quality source material fuller, more detailed, more immediate, more life-like than anything

possible with the standard interconnects. At its modest cost yet still incorporating quality

design and construction, it is--literally--a sterling addition.

Some dealers make points by saying things like, "for this get $1000, $2000,

whatever, worth of improvement..." But with your interconnect it is so amazingly

transforming I'm not sure you can put a dollar comparison on what it does; it simply

delivers what was never delivered before, at any price, with any component. That's what I

mean by "fundamental" upgrade. There is no dealer/manufacture upgrade path that really

compares. I can say something like "It's like going from a 32 preamp to a 52 preamp, for

under $100." That's not an exact parallel, but the idea is there, and in fact switching to

the AR Sound Green 2 is a bigger upgrade in many respects. We hear MORE of

everything--instrument timbre, dynamic shadings, sense of "air" and "space around the

instruments," as well as all the usual hifi jargon like "extended highs, tighter bass," etc. It

simply puts more real musical information into the fine Naim amplification system, and

that is a genuine upgrade! We're amazed at what we hear. And from mere FM at that!"

Kevin Goodwin from Rochdale wrote:

“I installed the Lunar cables yesterday. They are feeding in to my Naim Nac 202. I know

they will improve with burning in, but right from the off there has been a very significant

improvement in the sound over the GreenLink cable. Three things stand out:

a hugely increased soundstage; far more detail; and a phenomenal increase in very accurate

bass output. In short, I no longer feel I am hearing reproduced sounds, but much more like

the real thing. Voices are so real, in fact, that it is a bit unnerving.
Thank you very much for allowing me to be an early purchaser of these fabulous cables.”

A long discussion (20 pages) on the PFM forum:

Graeme Sharp from Bradford wrote:

"Avi, I received the interconnect back on Saturday and all I can say is wow!

What a transformation, simply stunning, the change from the standard naim cable is incredible.

The 250.2 is now incredibly quick, and every single aspect of the audio range has improved,

music flows with so much ease you forget your equipment completely and

get drawn into the music.

Many thanks for working your magic once again.    Regards, Graeme"

Olivier Soligo from Winterthur (Switzerland) wrote:

"Hi Avi, I received the Lunar Snaic-Replace and the Lunar connection for my Naim Nap250

and I must really say that I'm completely amazed! I had opportunities to try some Chord

top-range cables as well as the Naim Hi-Line and none of these cables could reach the

performance of the Lunar!

For my full Naim Equipment the Lunar is truly the best stuff I tried so far!

But Life goes on and soon I will be a proud owner of a pair of Nap135s. Now my question:

I saw that you have a Lunar Din4 to XLR mono pair. What does that mean?

Is that a version for the nap135? Regards, Olivier"

Robert Jones from Darmstadt (Germany) wrote:

“From the first day the sound was so transformed for the better that it is difficult to know

where to begin.   Suffice to say that the system allowed everything to come shining through.

The sound stage opened up and became wider and deeper.

The musical energy was completely free and seemingly unlimited and yet the sound was

always in control. Instruments and artists stayed in their place on the 3D sound stage.

As the cables finally burned in it really was like being there with the performers in front of us.

As I played one disc after another I realised for the first time that I could play anything and

Everything and it all sounded both real and natural.

My wife and I are very very happy with our system, it has increased our enjoyment of all sorts of music.

Many thanks, your cables really are rather special.

All best wishes, Robert

p.s. I feel I have not begun to do justice to your cables with my limited description.

You have to hear it to believe it!”

(This email was sent after replacing SkyLink with Lunar DIN interconnect)

Another customer from the UK, had kindly agreed to quote his E-mail, wrote:

"The Lunar, I am very pleased to say, definitely has the AR Sound that I have grown to love.

When you first talked about the Lunar I understood that it was a much better cable but I also

got the feeling that it would be a different type of presentation to the Yellow and SkyLink.

In my opinion it is very much better than the SkyLink, this is quite an achievement in itself,

And also it builds on the sound and good points of the SkyLink.

I always thought that the SkyLink was just about as good as a cable could get, The Lunar

Does all that the SkyLink does and then quite a bit more. It is without question the most

natural, yet dynamic cable I have ever heard.

It does things that defy logic at times. A bright, brash recording it tamed and is now much

more flowing and listenable. A dull recording is given more life and a greater chance to get

The foot tapping. In short is makes the very best of any recording and presents it in the most

musical way that one might imagine. It won’t make a poor recording sound like a good

recording but it will make the poor one sound the very best that one has ever heard it before.

The bass is perfect. I also got slightly worried that it might over exaggerate the bass but it

doesn’t. The separation that I can now hear in double bass in jazz recordings is a revelation,

it is just perfect. Voices are clearer to hear as are harmonies and male voices have more

Body to them that I got from the SkyLink. I also like the flexibility of the cable and it hangs

in a neat way at the back of the rack.

All in all Avi I just can’t find a single thing that I don’t like or feel that it is coming up short on.

The cable delivers on every level and I sincerely hope that someone with influence in the Hi-fi

industry tries this cable and write an article about it. It deserves to be a huge success for you"

Another customer wrote his findings regarding the Lunar interconnect on the PFM forum:

Nick R. (UK) wrote this email regarding the Lunar interconnect:

"Dear Avi, I said I would get back to and confirm my findings after an extended run in.

All has settled down now, the sound is fantastic, it is like having an amp upgrade.

Top end is very clear, base very accurate and dynamics huge.  

Could you advise what the likely effect of changing the Naim cable between the power supply

to the power amp to an AR Sound cable would be? Is it as noticeable as the CD interconnect upgrade?

Thank you for your help,  Nick"

Meurou, Francois-Paul (Seine-et-Marne, France) wrote in September 28th   2012:

Hello Avi,

Here is feedback of my system with full Lunar cables.

You were right when you wrote me about the need of two Lunar Snaic if we use two Hicap.

Now with all these cables and after two weeks of burning, I can say that I've achieved something really special.

I was sceptical before ordering my very first cable, now I'm converted, I know I was right.

All is far better, more detailed, more dense, more mature, more natural. Music is no longer played by the loudspeaker, it's floating in the air, in front of me.

From my personal point of view, it's one of the three best upgrade I've ever made. Thanks, FPM

He also posted in the synthese-hifi French forum:

“...I finally feel like touching something special to get into the real high end. I finally pinpoint accuracy, a mature sound that I never imagined , it rises above and falls below it with Naim cables without harshness, it's sweet, it's hard, it's soft, it's violent, it's serious, it is acute, is ... Is ... . I feel I have done my scaling system. latter point, the Foot-Tapping, famous Foot-Tapping of Naim's gear is there and more. I would say even more. notes are so interconnected, so readable, so natural, that it is literally grabbed by the music. before changing my cables, I took some really fun CD with always the same. Now, I listen to music. To summarized. Lunar cables: try them, you will adopt it, FPM”

“J'ai enfin une extrême précision avec des timbres de plus en plus crédibles, une densité, une maturité sonore que je n'imaginais pas, ça monte plus haut et cela descend plus bas qu'avec les câbles Naim, sans dureté, c'est doux, c'est dur, c'est tendre, c'est violent, c'est grave, c'est aigu, c'est ... , c'est... . j'ai l'impression d'avoir fait un détartrage de mon système.

dernier point, le Foot-Tapping, le fameux Foot-Tapping, la sacro-sainte Naim'scuse est bien là et plus encore.

Je dirais même plus. les notes sont tellement liées entre elles, tellement lisibles, tellement naturelles, que l'on est littéralement happé par la musique.

Avant de changer mes câbles, je ne prenais vraiment du plaisir qu'avec certains CD, toujours les mêmes. maintenant, j'écoute de la musique.

en résumé. les câbles Lunar, les essayer, c'est les adopter , FPM

"Muttley2" Wrote on Fri 08 May 2009:

(Also on the PFM forum here):

There was an interesting thread a few weeks back by Bob Atherton on the remarkable transformation in

his system bought about by adding an AR Sound Green interconnect to replace the Standard Naim

Lavender cable.

My system is CD5x P/L FC2X P/L 122x 200 and qed XT400 speaker cable. These are my views on an

interesting change I have experienced and wanted to share with those who are interested.

I contacted AR Sound and enquired about their cables. I was already keen on changing my Hiline so

ordered a Yellow 1 to replace it.

I then decided to also buy a Green 4 interconnect to replace the 4 pin SNAIC from the FC2x to 200.

Having not always had a Naim system I know what the right cable in the right system can do and given

The testimonials on the Ar Sound products I took the plunge.

The cables ordered already had burn in time on them the yellow 1 had about 12 hours and the Green 4

about 96, so as soon as they were in the system they were pretty much ready to go. Although I was

advised the Yellow 1 would take a good week or so of burn in before really being on song. All I can say is

that 3 days in of listening I don't know if i can take any more improvement

I took the SNAIC out of my system first and replaced it with the Green 4. Straight from cold there was an

improvement in detail, space, lower noise floor and 3D imaging. Next came the yellow 1 and this is where

things really get exciting. The cable offers nothing short of a revolution in sound I though not possible from

my modest Naim setup. The Hiline for me seemed to limit ultimate top end extension and bass was just a

bit woolly and ill defined. The Yellow 1 changed that in an instance. Lets start with the Bass. Deep,

defined, and nothing short of bang on the money. Timing is spot on bass notes start and stop with a

previously unheard natural quality. The soundstage is now wider and deeper adding a more 3D quality to

any music. Detail retrieval is nothing short of stunning. I have listened to discs I must have listened to a

thousand times and there is a new vocabulary of sound coming from the speakers. Instruments have so

much room to breathe there is now expression in music that was previously unheard. So much clarity is

difficult to take in on first listen but it is done in such a way that timing, musicality are in no way affected.

Finally there is the treble which is sweet and extended but no hint of harshness or siblilance which highly

detailed cables can induce. Vocal separation is stunning, on backing vocals you can almost count how

many individual voices make up a note, just amazing :-)

Pink Floyd The Wall is always a great test disc for me as I thought I knew every note an nuance of the

music. I obviously didn't the additional detail and atmospheric noises in the recording are portrayed in a

stunning soundscape I thought not possible from a system, without remortgaging the house and spending

a fortune on new components. The P/L addition took my system to a new planet, the Yellow 1 and green 4

have taken it to a new universe... Brilliant :-)

I could go on but I want to get back to the music which is nothing short of magical. I know there will be

detractors to these findings, thats fine everones ears are different. I enjoy tinkering with my system and I

am glad I took the plunge."

"Just been listening to Nick Drake & Jeff Buckley. It sounds like they are in the room with you using the

AR cables"

And three weeks later...:

"I have had the Yellow 1 in place for 3 weeks now and it takes some time to get used to the clarity and

detail which was missing when using the stock Naim cables. The Ar Cables are like having cotton wool

removed from your ears. Put the naim cable back in my system and music became woolly and plods. As

for volume levels the only problem I have is not turning the amp up too loud because the music sounds a

darn site better!!!! I also have a Green 4 and a Greenlink 5 to totally remove standard Naim cables from

the signal chain. Sound is now crystal clear and bass definition speed and attack are amazing.

Anyway I have had such a mass of changes in a short time with new cables all of them worthwhile, but the

AR yellow1 really is a work of sonic art, I will sit back and enjoy my music and system all over again."

"fado76" wrote: (Source: ,15 Nov 2009, 17:09)

"Z mojej strony, mój kontakt z izraelskimi produktami ograniczył się póki co tylko do styczności z interkonektem AR Sound -SkyLink podczas spotkania w Dreźnie z 3 innym znajomymi posiadaczami Naima. Zrobiliśmy sobie odsłuch (SBL, 282/250/cd2x) - przerzucając Hi-lina na zmianę ze SkyLinkiem (dokładniej żona własciciela zmieniała, by nikt z nas nie miał wiedzy, co było podłączone). SkyLine wygrał stosunkiem naszych głosów 3:1. “

"For my part, my contact with Israeli products was limited as long as only contact with the interconnect AR-Sound SkyLink during a meeting in Dresden with 3 other friends holders Naim audio. We did some listening (SBL 282/250/cd2x) - passing the Hi-lina to change to the SkyLink (more specifically the owner's wife changed that none of us had no knowledge of what was connected). SkyLine won the votes of our 3:1 ratio."

“Mike-B” have done an interesting listening tests using the Yellow, Green and SkyLink including other common used DIN interconnects and summarize his findings in the PFM forum, here is the link:

Bob Atherton from Bristol described his findings with the GREEN 2 in the PFM  forum:

Darren Lewis from Swansea (UK) wrote:

"Good Morning Avi, Just to let you know the SkyLink has been burning in for about 100 hours now and I

have to say sounds wonderful- I'm extremely pleased with it indeed!

Please could you include my review of the cable in your testimonials on your website:-

System: Naim CDX/ Naim SuperNait/ Dynaudio 1.8ii Loudspeakers.

After hearing numerous plaudits heaped upon the AR-Sound interconnects I excitedly replaced my Naim cable with Avi's vivid blue one.

Although the cable is sent out by Avi with 10 hours burn in time, Teflon leads need a great deal more 'cooking' (about 100 hours for this particular interconnect), so I wasn't expecting aural sparks straight from the off...

Well I was in for a shock- what an improvement!  Straight from cold the new lead was better in every respect.

Timing was tight as a drum with an overall sweetness that made my older lead seem positively ragged.

There was a relaxed transparency that enabled one to follow individual instruments far easier, but I must

stress that all this improvement was from a cable basically straight from the off.

Believe me it gets far better...

At present I'm not far off 100 hours burning in time and its like my CD player is performing like something

twice its price- The cable really is extraordinary, the fact that Avi sells it for a fraction of some esoteric

wires is astonishing.

So to sum up, if you own a Naim CD player and are looking at replacing your interconnect, give Avi's

interconnect a whirl.  It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee although I would bet that once you've

heard it at its best you WILL NOT send it back!

Bravo Avi!!

Darren Lewis, Swansea (UK)."

And two years later (Nov 2011), Darren wrote again... (after replacing SkyLink with Lunar):

"Although there is barely 20 hrs on use on my new ‘Lunar’ interconnect, the improvements are wonderful

compared to the AR Sound ‘SkyLink’ lead it has replaced.

The SkyLink is of course is a fabulous product with a real ‘fit and forget’ quality, so when I fitted the ‘Lunar’ I wasn’t expecting massive improvements to be honest….In a nutshell, if you have this sort of money to spend on an interconnect definitely buy the ‘Lunar’.

I won’t bore you with details but the ‘Lunar’ has more transparency, bass extension, detail, everything is much better over the cheaper lead (which tonally could be described as ‘darker’ in comparison).

What I will say if you are considering buying any of Avi’s leads is that they are superb value for money first and foremost, but the most impressive thing for me is they all sound ‘balanced’ and let the music do its thing…

Thanks again Avi!"

"Scotty" from Essex wrote in the PFM forum:

"...Anyways i decided to give the AR cables a try.....and im glad i did for the cost they are absolutely superb value but the sound....well i cant believe it...they have sorted the harshness problem overnight - im getting more detail lushious bass and silky acoustics in other words its opened up the sound as if a veil has been lifted.

After a weeks playing i put the hi-line back in today and lets just say that the hi-line is now on ebay."

Tomasz Szczęsny from Poland wrote:

"Thank you for the SkyLink, it's a wonderful pleasure to listen with your interconnect, now i have to sell

the Naim's Hiline. With the Skylink, deeper stage of music is more clear and touchable, stereophony

is better, but the most fantastic thing is that music became more 3D. Now i have ordered The green

one for connection between my CD5X and FLATCAP XS. I can't wait to hear the difference between

your cable and SNAIC5.  Regards, Tomasz"

Stuart from Hampshire (UK) wrote:

Hi Avi, Just to say the Lunar cable arrived safely yesterday - been listening to some great music today.

I already had a Green 4 din cable, but this is even better. There is more body and authority to the sound and it is more balanced than before and also more detailed, dynamic and open, yet also smoother and cleaner sounding,

I'm very impressed and somewhat surprised that it would make so much difference and all of it positive!

many thanks, Stuart.

Lee Tin Onn from Singapore wrote:

"Hi avi,  I got both the greenlink din-RCA and din-xlr mono hooked up. I am loss for words.

The cables really let my system shine. Details without the glare, deeper bass with even better timing and excellent clarity in mids.  I hear things i have not heard before. It really makes the cables I have used in the past mediocre

including of course the stock naim cables.  Thank you for coming out with such an excellent product.

I really look forward to your future products especially a replacement for naca5."

Arthur Pemberton from Essex (UK) wrote:

"Hi Avi, You really were not joking when you said these cables need time. I did not believe in the 'burn in' phenomenon until now - I thought it was your head that needed to burn in. Well, there you are, you learn  something every day. After 4 weeks the cable you sold me finally sounds as I hoped. Of course it was getting  better all the time and to be truthful I think it is still improving. I put the Naim cable back in to check and the difference was marked. When I re-connected the yellow it was rather like cleaning your spectacles, everything     was clear again. For me it is the sound stage that is most obvious, and the fact that instruments are in clear space.  I listen to a lot of orchestral music and things are so much more resolved, different strands of music can

be isolated. And all of the Naim rhythm is there but even more so.

Also it has tamed the bass on a couple of problem discs - it is tighter. The timbre of instruments sound more realistic. It was a slog, but it has been well worth it.
I purchased an already burned in green 1 on Ebay (a guy had upgraded and needed a different connection),

so I now have 2 of the three links to complete the change to AR heaven."

Thanks again. You have another satisfied customer. Please feel free to quote me if you want to. Arthur Pemberton

Peter from Cologne Germany wrote on Wed 13 May 2009 in the Naim forum:

"I received the Green 2 DIN-DIN one week ago, since then it is running between my CD5X and NAC72.

The first 5 days I noticed a lot of changing, but now it seems to be nearly ready. I tried other cables

before without success. So I was not expecting too much.

This time it is different. The Green 2 gives me more details and clarity without being harsh (I was afraid

of getting too much treble like with other silver cables - this is not the case). It is sounding airy, good

instrument separation, high frequencies are clear and silky, the bass is tamed and more controlled,

still enough warmth in it, good tonal balance.

I will do a comparison with my lavender next weekend for a final decision, but I guess the Green 2 will stay..."

"...die Musik spielte harmonischer und natürlicher als zuvor, das Harte in den E-Gitarren war

verschwunden. Nun der Rück-Vergleich wieder mit dem Naim-Kabel: die schöne "Bühne" war

verschwunden, deutlich weniger Details.

Vielleicht klingt das Green 2 ein wenig heller als das Naim-Kabel, es ist aber über das gesamte

Spektrum sehr ausgeglichen und harmonisch. Die Detaildarstellung und Räumlichkeit sind wirklich

erstaunlich. Es ist für mich keine Frage mehr - das Green 2 bleibt!"

For the full report (erstellt: 28. Mai 2009, 11:47) please read:

Stuart from Peterborough wrote:

"I've been upgrading my Naim system since I first brought my NAC72 and NAP140 right up to NAC82,

NAP250, CDS and two Hi-Caps. never really gave interconnects a thought until I won this AR sound interconnect

and wow what a difference to the music it has made!

Loads more details and very well balanced and natural, it was worth the money and more- many thanks!

It was like adding a Hi-Cap but at a much lower price. if you a naim owner this is a must!"

Peter Stockwell from Courbevoie France wrote:

"J’ai installé le Green DIN->DIN (4 broches) entre un DualTeddyCap II et un NAP200 à la

place du snaic. On retrouve la même cohérence rythmique qu’avant, mais avec plus de

finesse et de définition. Je trouve que le câble Green est plus calme, plus ouvert, donnant

une impression de grave plus étendu et ferme. En faite, l’installation de ce dernier câble

Green (j’en utilise déjà sur un de mes sources) m’a fait penser que me enceintes sont, au

bout de dix ans de services, le maillon faible de ma chaine

(CDX/XPS/HiLine/282/DTCII/Green/200/B&W CDM1Se). Quand l’on voit qu’un snaic

coute environs 120€, le Green représente un très bon rapport Qualité/prix.

C'est encore mieux avec Green entre source et preampli, et green entre pre-ampli et

power.  Gobsmackingly good!"

Claudio Gmontiimpianti  from Milano wrote: “Ciao Avi, ho aspettato qualche giorno a scriverti per rodarec

per bene il cavo GreenLink .
Detto questo, complimenti per il prodotto di qualità.
rispetto al cavo originale Naim ho notato una maggiore fermezza del basso e una gamma media alta meno sbilanciata verso l'alto.



Andrew from Cheshire wrote:   "What a fantastic improvement; The key thing is the extra

clarity and instrument separation you get by using the green lead over a standard Naim lead"

Rob from Perth Australia wrote: "Hi, Love your cable, It is so much better than the Chord! Thanks".

"One great cable, has tamed the music down and blacked the background".

"gazza2564" from Hertfordshire wrote:     "WOW!! great cable, more of everything almost 3d

(cd5x nait5 150x f/cap) Thank you"

Florian from Fréjus France wrote:   "Very articulate sound with just enough smoothness. Exceptional build quality!"

Modestino from Italy wrote:   "Very good cable! Beats my Snaic!"  (DIN4 to XLR for NAP250)

"London Lad" wrote in Naim Audio forum:    "FWIW I purchased a Hi-Line from my Naim dealer

(without listening to it first) and I didn't like it at all. To my ears, in my system, in my room, it seemed like

it had cut the top off the treble and made the base soft and uncontrolled sounding.

My wife and daughter both agreed! I then tried my dealers demo Hi-Line which was much better but still showed some of the same characteristics as the new one and didn't sound as good as the lavender. I returned it.

   Some weeks later, just out of interest I brought one of the green interconnects. To me, in my system etc etc

it sounds better that the lavender by some margin, more controlled base and smoother treble without any high frequency loss."

Abel from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia wrote:     "The cable I tested today sounds very open and detailed, even airy and the staging is really big improvement-  I think ten times better than the stock lead, and the cable even not fully burn-in!"

Alan from London Wrote:  

"Hi, I just ordered a Green 4 - I need it DIN-DIN as it is for a 202 / 200.

I also recently bought a Green 4 DIN-DIN cable

from you, and it is a great, great listen! Many thanks! (This one is for my father...)"

For more information, please read eBay feedback's here: